Super Senior Essay Winners

SCWGCA is proud to sponsor a "Super Senior" essay contest for all graduating seniors in SoCal and the Class of 2019 came well prepared. We received a record number of submissions and we awarded the largest group of writers to date. This year through the combined efforts of the SoCal gymnastics community we were able to fundraise $28,500 towards this awesome endeavor.  SCWGCA is proud to award these outstanding writers:

Natalie Sadhigi-AZARIAN    Awarded $ 5000

Erin Morden-AFTERSHOCK   Awarded $ 4500

Cameron Kelperis-AGA Awarded $ 4000

Kelly MacLeod-NATIONAL  Awarded $ 3500

Anabella DeGracia-AGA  Awarded $ 3000

Ellie Bagley-AZARIAN Awarded $ 2500

Lindsey Hunter-GYM JAM Awarded $ 1500

Ruby Hernandez-SCEGA Awarded $ 1500

Kaylee Kho-WINNERS Awarded $ 1000

Kira Mok-SEAWIND Awarded $ 1000

Nicoletta Koulos-WILDFIRE Awarded $ 1000

On behalf of the SoCal coaches association we would like to wish all of our winners continued success. We hope that the SoCal gymnastics community will support

All of the fundraisers that build our endowment for this very worthy award.