2018 Super Senior Awards

SCWGCA is proud to sponsor a "Super Senior" essay contest for all graduating seniors in SoCal. This year through the combined efforts of the SoCal gymnastics community we were able to fundraise $25,000 towards this awesome endeavor.  SCWGCA is proud to award these outstanding writers:


SoCal General Meeting Info

Dear SoCal Gyms,

This year the SoCal Women's Gymnastics Coaches Association and The SoCal State Board will be Combining efforts to help our great State. The packet is meant for both your information and registration purpose. There are several NEW procedures  year. Read the cover letter carefully and more will be explained at the General Meeting. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me. Thank you!

Carol McIntyre

SCWGCA President
American Gymnastics Academy
(562) 494-0087